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decorative stone buttonAnd Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible by Ronald L. Ecker provides an informative guide to sexuality and gender in the Bible. He shows that what we think we know about the Bible may not be true.

decorative stone buttonThe BIBLETEXTS Online Bible Commentary has several commentaries on passages in the Bible dealing with women in the early church.

decorative stone buttonCreating a Lie Garance Franke-Ruta explores the myths surrounding successful woman and having children.

decorative stone buttonThe Debate on Women's Ministry: Summary and Analysis by Nils-Olov Nilsson details the issues and results of the debate on women in the ministry in Sweden. In Contextualization or Strict Literalism he explores hermeneutics and 1 Timothy 2:15. .

decorative stone buttonDistinguished Women of Past and Present offers articles about important women.

decorative stone buttonDoes God Really Prefer Men? An Open Letter To The Church In America supports a book that answers some of the tough equality questions.

decorative stone button Doug and Rebecca Groothuis offer articles on a variety of topics including the apologetics and equality.

decorative stone buttonGod's Word to Women logo God's Word to Women offers a number of articles on the place of women in the church. Many of the articles are based on Katherine Bushnell's book God's Word to Women .

decorative stone buttonHistory of Women in the Pentecostal Movement by Cheryl J. Sanders chronicles the tide of women's participation in the Pentecostal movement.

decorative stone buttonHistory's Women: The Unsung Heroines features articles on various women in history.

decorative stone buttonInternational Christian Women's History Project has many articles supporting equality.

decorative stone buttonInternet Women's History Sourcebook lists links to online sources on women in history.

decorative buttonMessages from the Heart has several lovely mini lessons, including a beautiful response on the place of woman in the church.

decorative buttonMethodist Archives and Research Center has various resources on women in Methodism.

decorative buttonPentecostal Women in Ministry discusses the need for women role models in leadership.

decorative buttonSpirit Led Woman is a community site based on the Spirit Led Woman magazine. The site includes articles for women leaders.

decorative buttonUppity Women Rule features the series "Uppity Women" by Vicki Leon. The site, and the book series, features historic women who challenged their culture and our expectations by pursuing life as they wanted.

decorative button Victorian Women Writers Project: an Electronic Collection : featuring Female Ministry; or, Woman's Right to Preach the Gospel , by Catherine Booth.

decorative buttonWesleyan/Holiness Denominations Affirm Women in the Pastoral Role offers Scriptural and historical support for women in the ministry.

decorative stone buttonWomen Elders: Called by God? by Richard and Catherine Kroeger explores the Bible teaching on women as leaders and elders in the church.

decorative stone buttonWomen and House Religion by Elizabeth Willett explores the archaeological record for clues to the daily life of women in ancient Egypt.

decorative stone buttonWomen Hymn Writers is a reference of hymns written by women.

decorative stone buttonWomen in Ministry: Conviction or Culture? by Ed Robinson explores the challenge of preparing women for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene in the current climate.

decorative buttonWomen's Ordination: Catholic Internet Library addresses the unique issues of women in the Catholic church, and the call for ordination.

decorative buttonWomen's Bible Legends is a forum for women to write about women of the Bible.

decorative buttonWomen in the Pentecostal Movement is an overview of women in the Pentecostal movement.

decorative buttonWomen's Role is a collection of articles by the Church of God, Dallas-Ft. Worth addressing women in church leadership.

decorative buttonWomen’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis examines several of the disputed verses of the New Testament regarding women in ministry.

decorative buttonWomen and Twentieth-Century Protestantism Project offers the results of a three year research project.

decorative buttonWriting and Sermons has sermons by Holiness preaches, including women.


decorative stone buttonAmerican Baptist Women in Ministry support and promote the place of women in ministry.

decorative buttonAssociation of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies provides support and services for ministers, all both genders. They proclaim,"God by the Holy Spirit, definitely calls whom He desires, both male and female, to serve in the five fold ministry (Eph. 4:11), and qualifies the ones called with power, talents, wisdom, and gifts pertaining to that office or offices (1 Cor. 12:28)."

decorative buttonAssociation for Women in Mathematics has a great set of articles on women in the field of mathematics.

decorative buttonBaptist Women in Ministry offers support for Baptist women in ministry, both ordained and non-ordained .Their site contains several interesting articles from the Baptist perspective.
Baptist Women in Ministry of North Carolina is the North Carolina chapter.

decorative buttonA Call For National Dialogue on Women in Church Leadership offers several articles on women in the church and in the Bible. They include specific advice how to begin the discussion of women in leadership at local diocesan level.

decorative buttonChristians for Biblical Equality logoChristians for Biblical Equality : Excellent site that supports equality in Christ. Offers a wide range of articles from both lay and academic sources.

decorative stone buttonInternational Christian Women's History Project will offer information about Christian women in history and revival. It will also seek to address domestic abuse.

decorative stone buttonGirls' Education Monitoring System monitors and offers assistant for the education of girls.

decorative stone buttonLast Days Ministries' Women in Ministry seeks to " inspire you to walk in your destiny and to take your rightful place in the Kingdom. We will also encourage you to use the gifts God gave you without shame or apology."

decorative stone buttonUS AID's's Office of Women in Development has several articles on gender and economic policy.

decorative buttonVoices of Orthodox Women seeks to support equality in The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) by stressing the orthodox standards of the creeds.

decorative buttonWatch-Women seeks to encourage the appointment of women at all levels of the Church of England.

decorative buttonWesleyan/Holiness Women Clergy provides support and encouragement to women in church leadership. "Brethren in Christ, Church of God (Anderson), Church of the Nazarene, Intl., Evangelical Friends, Intl., Free Methodists, the Salvation Army and the Wesleyan Church"sponsor the group. The site includes Cloud of Witnesses: Portraits of Women Ministers in the Wesleyan/Holiness Movement

decorative buttonEvangelical Fellowship provides "leadership training & skills training" for women, and seeks to encourage women to use their gifts.

decorative buttonWomen in Ministry offers support for women in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

decorative stone button Women in the Bible on Questia, the world's largest online library.

decorative stone buttonWomen in Ministry is an organization within Assemblies of God for women ministers.

decorative stone buttonWomen in Ministry Online by Ecunet offers an online meeting place for women in ministry.

decorative buttonWomen Preachers in the Church of the Nazarene offering some interesting articles, including sermons from church leaders.

Denominations: Anglican , Baptist , Brethren/Mennonite , Catholic , Charismatic/Pentecostal , Evangelical , Lutheran , Methodist , Presbyterian , Society of Friends
decorative buttonAnglican Mission in America seeks to encourage all believers to explore their spiritual gifts.

decorative buttonChurch of England : The church ordains both men and women, and currently even has one woman archdeacon.

decorative buttonCommunion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches has opened the diaconate to women. Local bishops are allowed, though not required, to ordain women to the priesthood. At this point, they do not ordain women as bishops.

decorative stone buttonAlliance of Baptists is dedicated to traditional Baptist values and equality.

decorative buttonAmerican Baptist Churches, USA has taken a positive stance towards women in leadership, committing to encourage women to leadership positions particularly in local bodies.

decorative buttonCooperative Baptist Fellowship : Baptists who celebrate the priesthood of all believers and freedom in Christ.

decorative buttonMainstream Baptists : supports the ordination of women, and stresses mutual submission in marriage.The site includes a section on "Women's Issues" .

decorative buttonBrethren in Christ has affirmed that "Women are encouraged to follow the Lord's leading as to their gifting and then pursue the appropriate places where they may be actively involved in ministry."

decorative buttonChurch of the Brethren recently restated their commitment to women in all levels of the ministry and equality. They seek to encourage more women to assume leadership positions and their acceptance in leadership roles.

decorative buttonMennonite Church USA reminds us that Jesus is our example and the Spirit gifts us to serve one another.

decorative buttonOld Catholic Church of America ordains women as priests. Saint Matthews Church, a part of the Old Catholic Church, has an excellent article about the ordination of women by Bishop Joachim Vobbe.

decorative buttonOld Catholic Church of Canada has taken a positive stance in ordaining women.

decorative buttonUnited Catholic Church . The United Catholic Church is comprised of Vatican ordained priests and bishops who have united to stress the value of women and other disaffected groups.

decorative buttonApostolic Faith Church is a Pentecostal denomination founded by Florence Louise Crawlford .

decorative buttonAssemblies of God has taken a firm stand on the Biblical legitimacy of women in leadership positions. Their site has two wonderful articles on leadership in the church: "The Role of Women in Ministry Adopted August 1990" and "The Discipleship and Submission Movement Adopted August 17, 1976", Feminism and Appropriate Roles for Women.

decorative buttonChristian Church of North America encourages women at "all levels of the church".

decorative buttonChurch of God (Anderson) supports women ministers.

decorative buttonInternational Church of the Foursquare Gospel , as one would expect of a group founded by a woman, challenges women to live-up to their Godly potential. Site includes a beautifully worded statement on women in the church.Women In Leadership

decorative buttonInternational Pentecostal Churches of Christ ordains women. Many of its global branches were founded by women.

decorative buttonInternational Pentecostal Holiness Church has ordained women since its foundation.

decorative buttonOpen Bible Churches has ordained women since its foundation.

decorative buttonPentecostal Assemblies of God ordains women, boldly stating, "We find no scriptural support for the exclusion of women ministering in any capacity."

decorative buttonPillar of Fire ordains women, while remaining firmly fundamentalist.

decorative buttonWillow Creek Association reminds us we are called to unity and to use the gifts the Lord gives us.

decorative buttonEvangelical Lutheran Church in America : Ordains women.

decorative buttonAmerican Evangelical Christian Churches proclaim that all should have the "freedom to proclaim the Word of God as imparted to them by the Holy Spirit."

decorative buttonCanadian Evangelical Christian Churches seeks to encourage men and women to the five hold ministry.

decorative buttonChristian Church (Disciples of Christ) 3,354 clergy members 21% of which are women. They stress unity and nurturing"congregational life".

decorative buttonChristian and Missionary Alliance seeks to encourage all believers to evangelism.

decorative stone button f offers ministerial license without regard to gender.

decorative stone buttonThe Evangelical Covenant Church ordains women, and has issued a an informative position paper on the role of women in ministry .

decorative buttonEvangelical Fellowship of Canada encourages women in leadership.

decorative buttonInternational Council of Churches supports women in the ministry.

decorative buttonThe Salvation Army : Site demonstrates how the organization has remained true to the ideals of its founders.

decorative buttonUnited Church of Christ . The United Church of Christ has ordained women for over a hundred years and celebrates our equality in the Lord.

decorative buttonAssociation of Free Lutherans allows each congregation to call the pastor of the congregation's choice.

decorative buttonLutheran World Federation : The Federation encourages the ordination of women and use of feminine perspective in theology. Luther World Federation has resolved, "In particular,the LWF should stand in solidarity with those women who seek ordination because they are called by God, but cannot be ordained because women's ordination is not practiced in their home church." They also support partnership and equality in marriage.

decorative buttonAfrican Methodist Episcopal church ordains women. In 2000 they ordained their first female bishop.

decorative buttonChurch of the Nazarene has recently renewed decide to strengthen its affirmation of women in the ministry.

decorative buttonFree Methodist Church has firmly supported women in leadership positions since its foundation. Its site offers several interesting articles .

decorative buttonFree Methodists of Church of North American was founded in 1860 by Benjamin Titus Roberts. He firmly supported equality, a stance the Church has continued. They stress that the church is a family, and seek to nurture the faith of all.

decorative buttonFree Methodist Church in Canada : affirms the equality of women and ordains them.

decorative buttonMethodist Church of Great Britain ordains women.

decorative buttonMethodist Church in Ireland ordains women.

decorative buttonUnited Methodist Church has made a commitment to increase "opportunities for females in leadership,promoting equality in filling decision-making posts, and fostering nclusiveness in all facets of The United Methodist Church."

decorative buttonThe Wesleyan Church has taken an very firm position on women in leadership. They write: "In spite of some forces which seek to undo our long-standing position on the ordination of women, we refuse to budge on this issue we will not tolerate the blocking of a person's ordination due to their gender, for we believe that both men and women are called to the ministry and thus should be ordained." They have also taken a very positive stance on domestic violence. The site includes a Women in Ministry section.

decorative buttonChristian Reformed Church ordains woman to all levels of the ministry.

decorative buttonChurch of Scotland : The Kirk ordain both men and women as elders and ministers.

decorative buttonDisciples of Christ ordains women. 22% of its ministers are women.

decorative buttonPresbyterian Church (USA) : Their Women's Ministries encourages women to be "full partners in leadership and ministry" and their participation in theology and liturgy. They also seek"cooperative decision-making within the church".

decorative buttonReformed Church in America : "The Reformed Church in America affirms and celebrates women's gifts fo ministry and leadership."

Society of Friends:
decorative buttonEvangelical Friends International , affirm our equality in Christ.

decorative buttonFriends United Meeting believes in the equality of all, and that marriage is for mutual benefit.


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